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The BSDM offers a wide range of pleasant facets and the greatest possible punishment would be to do nothing at all! Among others, bondage, SM, CBT etc. are the punishments that come to mind. We will see that there is more to discover for the dominant and the submissive, who live their lifestyle to the maximum.

Why some people want to be punished with SM accessories?

Basically, the joy of BSDM comes from the fact that a partner (the submissive) is submissive to the dominant partner (the dom). Both sexes are free to play either of these two roles! Depending on your choice - perhaps because of the experience or inclinations of both partners - the awesome power of lust can be exercised within the four walls of a room or taken to the outside world in an erotic place. Wherever the dom demands the submission of his submissive; once the submissive fails in his work, he must face punishment! Except for a few basic rules and common sense which will also be explained here, the fantasy of punishment has no particular restrictions.

Some popular punishments - for him or for her

All types of punishments - from torture at home to the insertion of sex toys - can be used. Apart from a few famous "old" ones that we will present, you can propose punishments based on your creative desires, lifestyles or choices - be careful, what turns on Team A can completely turn off Team B; one aspect of this punishment is communication.


Spanking or kicking ass as a punishment has always been an exciting and fun practice, even for those who do not consider themselves BSDM adepts. But as you might expect, it is especially appreciated by all sadomasochists.

This punishment, or reward for some, is accompanied by a specific type of pleasurable pain during spanking, especially when spanking the thighs and buttocks.

The blood nerves stimulated in these areas excite the sexual organs. Therefore, dom control not only brings about the humiliation of spanking, but also prevents the very excited submariner from having immediate sexual intercourse. To spank professionally, BSDM equipment such as leather-covered wooden paddles, whips of different sizes and designs with gloves or a whip will do the trick.

Tickle torture

The history of tickle torture dates back to the Middle Ages, when it was commonly used as an interrogation technique. Until today, it serves as a concept of truth-oriented control. While the submissive is in a period of loss of control with unbearable touching, the dom revels in cries of pity while tickling the most stimulating bodily organs.

All you need is to immobilize the submissive - the reason is that this is the only way to get the submissive to remain under tickle torture. The most sensitive parts of the body are the most obvious; these are usually the primary and secondary genitalia. You can also try the feet; this makes the punishment a real torture. You can practice tickling with hands, sticks, feathers or any other equipment - the basic idea is to reach the real limits or to go beyond them.

The Rimming

What some people call Anal-Oral or butt licking is Rimming. In the Middle Ages, rimming was used as a technique of punishment and submission.

When you lick your buttocks, the nerve in that area is extremely sensitive to stimuli. And in addition to licking, you can perform a wet kiss or penetration of the anus with the tongue.

Strapping is particularly useful for power games, as the buttocks are a dirty area for oral sex. The dominator appreciates the intensive stimuli to the anus and the humiliation of the submissive - and the submissive appreciates the submissive role of the punished. You can intensify the punishment by staring at the submissive's head while the dom stretches the buttocks. Over time, choking boxes have always been used - the choking box is a rimmed wooden box in which the submissive's head will be placed, it has openings for the face and mouth on which the dom will sit. Yummy yummy

Bastonado or whipping of the feet

The Italian expression Bastonate means "beating with a stick" and precisely touches the nerve of this SM and BSDM punishment. The concept essentially consists of blowing the stick on the bare sole. Our modern followers of this discipline have applied an ancient method that has been used for more than three thousand years. The foot has been identified as a zone of intense stimulation. The abundant nerve cells in the sole not only transport circular movements of the fingers to the brain at lightning speed, but also an almost explosive pain of pleasure. Note that it is crucial that the sub is immobilized, and also, the increase in the force of the blows by the dome should be progressive. Therefore, the fantasy sensation of both partners will also increase gradually as the sub realizes that he or she deserves to be tortured.

Electrical Stimulation - Electro Sex

Electrical stimulation is a unique form of sexual practice and punishment. Although it is a modern phenomenon, it is considered a true classic and an established practice in BSDM and SM actions. For successful electrical stimulation, high-end sex toys are the key. Even though strong electrical impulses push nerve fibers, the brain, and acupuncture points in the body to their limits, the process is safe.

Human furniture or forniphilia

Immobility is an integral part of SM and BSDM events, especially with respect to punishment. However, forniphilia is an entirely different form of "immobility". It offers a significant level of humiliation and discipline because the underside is mentally bound. Furthermore, the sub must act as a piece of furniture that serves the dom - service is the punishment. Forniphilia consists of making sure that the sub is naked or in a cloth chosen by the dom and remains motionless for several hours - most of the time without a tie. For example, the submissive may act as a cloth holder or serve as a footrest or table for the Dom, while the Dom offers humiliation to the submissive partner. You can also try neglect; neglecting the submissive can be very punitive by putting him or her in a back room or dark place for hours. The side effect? The submissive becomes more helpful. Make an effort to polish your submissive as you would to rub your furniture regularly.

Punishments for the submissive woman:

Some of the variations of tying or annoying a submissive is to end a sensual act just when you are about to reach the climax. The punishment of the slave has no imaginative limits. Mental torture, such as neglect or erotic games with a naked woman, can be used in addition to spanking and figs. Here are some concepts you can indulge in:

  • Make the dom feel aroused without using hands and mouth, while allowing her to experience maximum orgasm
  • Let her eat from a plate near the table - call it "eating on the floor".
  • Prohibit orgasm - order her to tell you before she orgasms and tell her to stop, while you allow her to finish only if necessary.
  • Cleanse while naked or wearing lingerie.
  • Ice cube treatment all over the body
  • Stain nipples and lips with bell pliers - and tell her that the bell should not ring
  • Blindfold her for 24 hours while you make love and punish her.
  • Enema; introduce half a liter of water into the vagina and hold it for 15 minutes under the supervision of the dominant.
  • Take the submissive out for dinner while she wears an anal plug inserted into her ass.

The S&M Punishment for submissive men

There is no limit to the series of punishments and orders that a Mistress or Master can offer. These punishments can range from neglect of will, physical torture to the use of humiliating nicknames. The role of sous and dom is complete and requires an act of appeal. Many sub-men get their kicks by sitting in a woman's dress, kissing the dom's feet or being punished by bastinado, figuration or behaving like a piece of furniture.

Other forms of punishment are provided for men:

  • Cooking without clothes and sitting under the table from which the dom eats.

  • Wearing lip gloss every day or a blouse.

  • Wearing a urethral catheter for 24 hours.

  • Orders such as lying down or licking for 24 hours only.

  • Using a dildo as a towel holder - with instructions that the towel must not fall out.

  • Obligation to shop and return with a towel suitable for her.

  • Prohibit orgasm - he must swallow his sperm himself if he fails.

  • Not wearing underwear to duty every day

  • Crawling for an entire day

  • Having a picture of his penis as a background picture on his phone for seven days

  • Asking permission for any action - including using text when you are away from each other.

  • You may use the submitted phone as a stationary lamp post.

Leave bad feelings aside before using SM

Do not engage in a BSDM session in the evening without solving problems if you have had a conflict in the morning. Try to get rid of any bad feelings. The reason is that your mood is crucial to the use of SM accessories and torture; bad feelings will only ruin it. Don't go near it!

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