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So what is DD/LG?

What is the meaning and definition of DD/LG?

DD/LG is the acronym for Daddy Dom / Little Girl. DDLG is an age and role play between two consenting adults, it is a close cousin of BDSM.DDLG has nothing to do with incest, it is a game between two consenting adults. DDLG has many different nuances, from the hardest to the most vanilla. Daddy Dom takes the role of the caregiver, the one who dominates and disciplines the little one. Little Girl takes the role of the sweet, childlike little girl and regresses in age. The age may vary from the baby wearing the diapers to the young teenager. Little Girl is submissive, she takes the role of the silly and cute little girl, who likes to cuddle, play with toys, follow the rules, break them, be punished, etc. (although she can also play the opposite role with the dominatrix). She gives control to Daddy and hopes he will do what is best for her. DDLG games don't have to be sexual, but they often create extra excitement and arousal, leading to more passionate sex within the BDSM relationship. The age game usually has a fixed schedule, and people call it "Little Space". Little Space is used as a temporary escape from adult daily responsibilities, stress and boredom. Plus, it's fun! It adds variety and color to relationships! Little Space is a romantic, safe and caring place. The easiest way to enter the Little Space / DDLG room is to design specific scenes, wearing special outfits that clearly indicate the beginning and end of the room. Usually Little is the one wearing special BDSM props, such as an adult diaper, adult pacifier, cup, bodysuit, abdl pajamas and teddy bear.

Some examples of DDLG scenes include :

  • Being bathed and dressed,
  • Using a colouring book, organizing a snack with jokes
  • She is ordered to go to bed early and Daddy reads her a fairy tale
The DDLG may also include disciplinary measures such as punishment and chores. Sometimes Little's mood changes quickly and she may be indecisive, biting or moody.

The most common punishments may be:

  • standing in a corner
  • holding soap in her mouth to swear
  • having to write the same line 50 times: "I will obey my daddy and I will be a good little girl. "
  • spanking, paddling, flogging

Now, when you have the quick definition There's a lot more to know. I've created this guide to be the ONLY RESOURCE you need for DDLG!

It can also help if you and your partner take this BDSM test to discover your sexual archetype. It will help you understand each other's sexual needs.

The step-by-step formula for playing DDLG:

#1 -DDLG Rules:

Communication and Agreement DDLG Rules and Protocol Daddy Dom Responsibilities DDLG Girl Responsibilities Sanctions, Discipline and Humiliation

#2 - Little Space:

How do you get into the DDLG play? How to Design Your Own Little Space: The Elements of the Stage A Massive List of DDLG Little Little Space:

#3 - DDLG Aftercare & Debriefing

Discover Your BDSM Sexual Archetype Discover Your Emotional Little Girl's Age What kind of little girl are you? We hear about DDLG everywhere, but apart from a clear definition of what DDLG is, it's almost impossible to find a step-by-step guide anywhere!

How to play DDLG?

What is it really? Is it a problem? Is it BDSM ? Is it romantic ? Is it sexual? Is it only about dominant and submissive relationships? It's so confusing, isn't it? Moreover, some people confuse it with BDSM taboos or even incest. Anyway... So you want to spice up your relationship and maybe you hope that DDLG will make your love life more perverse, more passionate and bring you closer. Vanilla sex doesn't have the same impact as before, does it? (by the way... an easy way to add variety is to try out new BDSM outfits, accessories and sex toys together ?? Well...you've come to the right place! I've been there. Before I got into DDLG, to learn more about sex and BDSM, my sex with my girlfriend was on the decline. Yes, we had sweetness and cuddles, but we missed the passion and variety in our love life. DDLG has 50 shades, so you can really adapt it to your needs and create your own shade. These shades are also the main reason why it is so hard to understand the game Daddy Dom, Little Girl. Some people call it in the BDSM context, others play it in an entirely romantic sense. If you look at the BDSM books, some authors list more than 8 different types of Daddy Doms; For the sake of simplicity, I separate the DDLG into 3 nuances: Vanilla: it's a role play where you don't involve any sexuality, but you stick to the "Caregiver and Little" relationship. Naughty: This is where you play the fantasy Daddy / His Little Princess. Daddy takes care of his little princess, but sometimes the princess is a little brat and needs to be punished, which leads to fun erotic foreplay. Hardcore (BDSM): Master/slave game. The master/mistress takes total control of his slave's life, responsibilities and decisions. This is the hardest power game, which can add incredible novelty to your life. But the basics are the same - it's a question of polarity - dominant and submissive energies. DDLG acronyms and related definitions you should know: ABDL - Adult Baby / Diaper Lover ABDL is a close cousin of DDLG. It is super popular because nothing puts a baby in a state of distress like an adult diaper. The dynamics are the same as DDLG, but the ABDL play always starts when the diaper is worn. It's like a diaper: a small space that serves as a precise beginning and end. Example: Daddy orders Little to put on his pull-up for the night and the rest of the evening. This indicates that Daddy is ready to play and that he feels that Little needs his care. CGL - Caregiver / Little CGL means the same as DDLG. The caregiver is a person who plays a dominant role - daddy dom or dominatrix (mommy dom). Little is the one who regresses in age and plays the role of a submissive little child (can be male/female). Little Space is the term used to describe the state of mind that Little enters when she thinks and acts younger than she is. It can be Daddy Dom and Little Girl, but it can also be just Little. "Entering the little space" means slipping into the child's state of mind. For example, Little may simply say, "I'm going into my little space. I'm going to go draw, color the book or organize a snack with my stuffed animals". If Daddy Dom and Little both play there, then it would mean that Daddy Dom would take care of Little, order him to do some chores, but more importantly, that he would take care of his Little. The main attraction of DDLG is that women usually have so much responsibility during the day that they need this little space to escape the stress and responsibilities. Being a silly, sweet little girl makes it possible to do this job in a splendid way. Daddy Dom - this term is used in both the BDSM and DDLG community. Daddy Dom is someone who takes the dominant role over the little girl. Dom dominates and disciplines the Little one at the same time. Discipline consists of giving punishments and treats. Little - little is someone who likes to pretend to be younger than her. When Little is in the role/head space, she is very submissive, vulnerable and sometimes brave. Little's age is usually between 2 and 8 years old. This is a fun way for Little to escape from responsible reality and free herself from stress. BDSM Switch - switch is a term used to refer to a person who likes to switch roles. He is sometimes dominant, sometimes submissive and has fun in both roles. They are like sex chameleons ?? As you may have guessed, there can be other combinations, but in this article I focus on Daddy Dom as a male and Little Girl - as a female: MDLB - Mommy Dom / Little Boy (dominatrix...femdom) MDLG - Mommy Dom / Little Girl DDLB - Daddy Dom / Little Boy Note: For simplicity in the article, I will say "Daddy Dom", but it can also mean "Mommy Domme". In the same way, I will say Little Girl, but it can also mean Little Boy.

D&S - Discipline / Dom & Sub, (dom & sub)

These terms are the ones you will hear most often in the BDSM community.D&S are the letters DS of BDSM. But even more often, the dominant is called - DOM for short and Submissible is called - SUB for short. Oh, and I should also mention: Top and Bottom, which some people use. Top is Dominant. Bottom is Submissive. Dominant and Submissive can include age play, but it's a more general term to indicate how a person takes on the role of Dominant and others obey. The reason Dom & Sub gambling is so popular is that for a passionate love life, you MUST have the polarity. You must have a clear leader and follower. This is the basis of sexuality - most women are attracted to alpha males and most men are attracted to submissive women whom they can heal and ravage. Daddy Dom needs a woman he can dominate, the same woman needs someone she can let herself go with, especially sexually. There is a lot of talk about equality between men and women, but when it comes to sex life. Equality is boring, polarity is a must for an amazing sexuality. And sex is the cornerstone of a good relationship. Even if you're super sweet and support each other every day in the bedroom, you both need polarity!Master / Slave - This is not really part of the DDLG, but I wanted to mention it so that you have an overview. It's the hardest hardcore role-playing game where the master completely appropriates his slave. They are also called Korean (slave master) and Kajira (a slave girl). This is where you have the collars, the collar ceremony, the training, the consensual contract between the two. This is also where you get involved in bondage, impact play, humiliation, degradation in the game.

Why does DDLG and BDSM turn me on?

If you have enjoyed spanking, punishment and role-playing, you may wonder and feel guilty that such taboos turn you on. First of all, we suffer from years of conditioning, where the Church/Society says that sex is a bad and shameful act. This is exactly why it is so attractive. We like to taste the forbidden fruit. On the other hand, we are very diverse. If you have had sex with the same partner in the same way for years, you will end up being less and less interested in sex. Is someone milking his prostate? ??

The Kinks, BDSM, DDLG are the answer to this question.

When you introduce new BDSM lingerie, new games, new sensations, new accessories, new places or even new partners into your sex life - it comes back to life! You can also try public sex, tantric sex, vibrating panties in public...etc. And I always say that sex toys are the easiest way to add variety. In addition, exploring deeper areas of sex play increases intimacy and connection. For example, pain can bind you like nothing else. Let's say you're playing DDLG, you're a little girl, you've done something bad for yourself, and your daddy Dom knows it. He decides to punish you and makes you bend at the knee. It's a painful ritual that gets the message across. It will release the emotions you have repressed - you can cry. Then, when Daddy Dom cuddles you in aftercare, you'll both feel more connected than ever. Plus, pain and pleasure are a magical combination. Have you ever experienced the high runner or felt an incredible moment of happiness? Although there are many ways to achieve sexual happiness, people practice "kink" in order to get that natural high. Elbows are perfect for closing the mind, freeing oneself from shame and experiencing a greater sense of pleasure.

DDLG is so popular because it creates POLARITY.

We need someone to take control and someone to submit. We need male (active) and female (receptive) to achieve sexual balance. When this balance is not achieved, passion dies and often people look for their needs outside the relationship or they just solve their problem with porn. Supporting Little in the DDLG game is easy, and as with Daddy Dom of course the extra polarity does well for relationships.

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