Male Chastity Cage


If, like most couples, you wonder how safe imposed chastity is in the long run, the answer is yes: VERY SAFE. However, enforced chastity will only be safe if you and your partner follow safety and hygiene measures. Whether it's keeping the chastity cage clean every time or wearing it so that it fits properly and comfortably, there are a few things you need to put in place to enjoy your experience of permanent chastity. This article focuses on the safety measures and comfort guidelines you need to take to ensure that your device is clean at all times and that your penis is healthy and safe while you explore short and long term permanent chastity.


Finding the best chastity device can be quite difficult. However, the simplest solution is to choose one that suits you perfectly. Nothing beats the right size when it comes to a chastity device, something that's not too tight, that doesn't rub or pinch any part of your dick.

For best results, carefully measure your penis and use the dimensions to choose the cage that's right for you. A penis cage may fit perfectly on the first try, but that doesn't mean it's the right one for you. That's why you need to pay attention to how your testicles and penis feel after wearing the cage for a while.

Probable warning signs are red marks, friction and rubbing of the cage on your skin, and any other form of pain. Also watch for a change in the color or size of your penis or testicles. If there is a problem, it will most likely be one of these;


It is common for men to opt for cock-rings that are smaller in diameter than their flaccid penis. They may think that a tighter fit can help them hold an erection and orgasm better. But this inconsistency in size, in fact, is accompanied by serious health risks for the penis. When the ring is too tight, the skin of the penis can be bruised, leaving behind patches of raw, sensitive and irritated skin. Over time, these sites attract infection


A cage a little larger than the penis can be a little more exciting, as it allows the key holder to feed his eyes with your intense reactions to the progressive swelling of your organ, in his quest for a full erection. Even if you get an extra layer of eroticism in such cases, it takes away from the chastity man the tighter fit he deserves. A longer than usual cage makes the cock stink in the long run. Why does it stink? Because a well-fitted chastity cage ensures that the hole or slit at the base of the cage is well aligned with the urethra. Alignment means that urination will not be accompanied by any discomfort, in addition to avoiding spraying or soiling the area. If the cage is too long, the urethra will not stay in place. It does not adapt perfectly to the holes of the cage. Ultimately, this disrupts the bathroom and the cage because not all the urine will be evacuated. The unreleased urine ends up causing infections and irritations, in addition to some unusual odors despite proper cleaning. The most important rule in choosing the right cage for you is to choose one that is ½ or ¼ shorter than the length of the penis when it is 100% flaccid.

How to choose a chastity cage

One of the first warning signs of a tight ring is a red print on the skin or insufficient blood flow to the penis, which eventually leads to irregular erections. Discoloration of the penis and testicles - especially blue and purple tones - is also a clear indication that you need a larger cock ring. So the right question is, how do you know if a cock ring size is right for you? Take note of your comfort when wearing the testicles. By comfort, we mean that both of your testicles stay in place.

If this is the case, it means that the size is correct and that the cage fits you perfectly. You can also place your index or middle finger between the ring and your skin. If your fingertip fits into the space up to the first joint under the ring, then the fit is perfect. Otherwise, your penis cage is too tight. At BDSM Empire, we provide most of our cages with all sizes of rings, in case you are not sure of your size. You can also start with a chastity training ring and switch to a strict chastity device in the future.

How to keep the chastity cage clean?

Now that you have the perfect chastity cage, the next thing to do is to keep it clean at all times. A clean cage has several advantages, including the absence of bad odor and the irritation that comes with it. A man who wears a cage should shower every day, in addition to cleaning his cage regularly. If the cage is made of stainless steel, chances are it will have enough slits, holes and breathing spaces to make it easier to clean without becoming detached from the sex. The best way to get rid of any sweat, urine or liquids (if any) trapped is to use a mobile shower head, set at a very high pressure. If you don't have a portable shower head, use a spray bottle filled with hot water. Don't just use water - try a few cotton swabs with a little body soap to clean the penis. Moisturizing lotion will be helpful for people who often have dry skin. The application method is the same as the soap, but this time wash the cage properly with warm water after application. After each shower (or contact with water), be sure to dry the cage thoroughly. This will prevent moisture from being trapped in the cage for a long time and will help you avoid skin rashes, unpleasant odours and infections. An alternative to drying in the sun is to use a hair dryer set on a low, cool temperature.


Lubricant is convenient for the first installation or reinstallation of a chastity cage. There are different types of lubricants. However, the most recommended are baby oil or water-based lubricant. If you use a lubricant that is not water-based, cleaning will be difficult and the cage will adhere painfully to the skin. Each application of lubricant should be followed by a thorough wash with warm water. Note that baby lubricant or baby oil is only needed for the application phase. If you ever need to use lubricant to make your cage comfortable, it means your cage is not a good fit. The ideal penis cage should be 100% smooth and comfortable without lubricant.


A chaste man should not stay in the cage for more than four days in a row, after which both the man and the cage undergo a cleaning session. The key holder may supervise the cleaning session to ensure that he does not experience pleasure in between. After removing the cage, examine the penis and testicles for any discoloration, bruises, cuts, abrasions or skin irritation of any kind. These injuries (if any) may be negligible. It is therefore important to check them carefully. If you notice any unusual development, consult your physician immediately. Once the cage is removed, thoroughly clean the penis and cage. You can combine hot water with an antibacterial soap or sextoys cleaner to clean the cage.

The man may be interested in cutting or shaving his genitals during this break. This prevents pubic hair from accumulating when the cage is in use. Note that the first shave may cause irritation, redness and ingrown hairs. These are not entirely strange. If you are a beginner and want to try long-term chastity for the first time, you may need to get used to shaving before trying the cage.


Many myths and lies have been associated with permanent male chastity. However, there is no health hazard, in the short or long term, associated with wearing a cockcage for a long period of time. The only condition is to keep the cage and the penis clean at all times. If you ever feel any discomfort, detach the cage immediately. Below are some of the myths and misinformation associated with male chastity:


People tend to believe that erectile dysfunction is the result of prolonged wearing of a chastity cage, along with an alteration in the functioning of the penis. However, the truth is that there is no evidence or medical confirmation of these claims.

Similarly, many men have practiced male chastity for years without losing their ability to develop and maintain erections, reach orgasm or urinate as expected.


It is also believed that wearing a cage at night can cause severe pain, since the penis is erect during the night. Again, this is not true. In fact, a chastity cage, when properly installed, does not cause any of these pains;

However, people who sleep in the stomach have reported cases of slight friction caused by the chastity cage. Therefore, one should not sleep on one's stomach when wearing a penis cage. In addition, sleeping without a cage a few nights a month can help the penis to have night-time erections, which in turn facilitates the flow of blood to the penis. A night-time erection is a natural process in which the body stretches the penis, just as it does with all other muscles. Both parties can discuss the need to uncap the cock at night if it helps the man


Contrary to popular belief, wearing the cage for years will not shrink the testicles or the penis. However, for some men, the absence of orgasms or erections for a very long time could lead to the shrinking of the erectile tissue of the penis - the Corpus Cavernum. If you are afraid and want to avoid this, talk to your key holder about ways to have more frequent orgasms or unbridle the cock at night.


We've debunked some myths about male chastity above. However, a really dangerous aspect of male chastity is the use of spiked chastity devices.

You will find specialized spikes in some chastity cages. They are also called anti-shrinkage pins and are specifically inserted into the tube. As a result, they dig deep and painfully into the penis at the slightest attempt to get out of the cage or to achieve an erection by touching. However, anti-tearing pins are far from safe. In fact, they can damage the penis in most cases because it is virtually impossible to prevent the penis from being fully erect.

For example, involuntary overnight erections are inevitable, even after years of practicing long-term permanent chastity.

This is necessary because it maintains blood flow to the genital area - a normal, healthy routine that the body must perform. But with the anti-extraction pins in place, such involuntary nocturnal erections will cause severe pain in the penis. The result is severe abrasions, bruises and cuts. Instead, choose nipple clamps that will be much less dangerous. For your safety, you should avoid chastity with anti-extraction tips or pins. While this can be fun, the dangers and health risks involved are truly frightening


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