Nipple Clamps


Are you doing well under pressure? Get nipple clamps! If you like the feeling of intense pinching on your nipples, nipple clamps increase your sensitivity when they are in place and create such a pleasant sensation of pain when they are removed. Used not only on women, but also on men, to create a feeling of power and dominance. Yes, nipple-gasm is possible, and we will help you achieve it!


Improve every touch and release endorphins

Your body will react the same way it does with pain. It will release endorphin, which interacts with opioid receptors to have an effect similar to codeine or morphine. The result is an intense natural high that inspires a new pleasure/pain combination in the body. When the clamps are removed, the nipple becomes all the more sensitive to each contact. The softest caresses, kisses and sucks will again have the bottom at the edge. Why not take advantage of this for a game of supreme sensation? Use a Wartenberg wheel or a BDSM&nbsp whip; after removing them

Add a touch of naughtiness to the nipple

Applying extra pressure to the nipple at orgasm is an even more explosive experience. Plus, when the clamps are removed, all the blood rises to the surface, which is an incredibly intense stimulation. A mixture of pain and orgasmic pleasure!

Help yourself, tools are made to help you in this area. Nipple clamps will apply constant pressure until you decide to remove them.

Add a little beauty to your muscles

It's not just about the feeling, nipple clamps are also incredible. Adorn these nipples with a few crowning jewels and enhance the look of your room/session. For example, these gothic-looking nipple clamps with a chain are like a jewel you could hold.


Consider the fit: Each pair of nipple clamps varies in intensity of pressure. Some nipple clamps are adjustable from gentle to more intense pressure. Other nipple clamps may provide only one pressure setting. What intensity do you want? Japanese cloverleaf tweezers, for example, have only one level of intensity. One level of intensity that no pressure adjustment capability. Not for beginners! Nipple pliers, gothic pliers or monarch pressure pliers can be adjusted, decide which intensity you want to apply. Use the chain as a sensual leash and pull on those nipples. Perfect for dominance play and a great visual attribute. Our Japanese clovers come with a chain

Otherwise, if you want to free your hands, the nipple stretcher and paincan tower do the job. The pressure support will pull the nipples out according to the pressure you decide to apply.

Choose a model

Bring your imagination to life, there is a look for everyone! From industrial-looking twisters to elaborate gothic designs, nipple clamps come in many shapes and designs.

Think versatility

Nipple clamps can work on different parts of the body, so be creative! You can experiment it on a clitoris or on a man's balls, to add a touch of sensitivity. Are you intrigued? If you haven't shown a little love to your nipples recently, it may be time to test a pleasant pain

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