BDSM Handcuffs

Bondage is an art and we are its adepts! Among all the toys at the disposal of the kinkster, the handcuffs BDSM constitute an impossible to circumvent! They allow the dominant to totally control the acts and gestures of the submissive. Enslavement, above all mental, clearly materializes when the slave sees himself deprived of his freedom of movement. Discover our superb range of handcuffs BDSM for a domination severe but always benevolent. 

Some advice on the use of handcuffs BDSM

What type of handcuffs should I buy?

Technically, any handcuffs will do the job. However, be aware that it is possible that some handcuffs may cause nerve damage.

Cheap handcuffs that don't lock can continue to snag and lock on your wrists, metal and stainless steel handcuffs are very strong and lockable but can be dangerous if you twist vigorously against them.

If you are concerned about these scenarios, consider buying leather or fabric handcuffs that warp or knot.

How can I make sure that my partner and I are safe?

First of all, don't bond or play bondage with someone you don't know well or trust, and agree in advance on a "safeword". A safeword, any word other than "no" or "stop", basically allows the submissive person to be in character if they wish, when it is time to stop, the safeword takes them out of the fantasy and allows them to interact with real needs in a clear way.

Second, make sure that the object you handcuff a person to and the surface on which they are resting are stable. Even if you don't handcuff a person to a piece of furniture, such as a chair or headboard, make sure that they won't fall off the side of the couch or be thrown onto the bed with their hands tied behind their back.

4 Sexual Positions to Experiment with BDSM

Technology has made our lives so much better in so many ways. But when it comes to sex and BDSM accessories, sometimes it's better to keep things old-fashioned. All you need to spice up your frolics is a pair of handcuffs sm and a few basic sexual positions. You can later add more sophisticated accessories like a sex swing

Why are BDSM handcuffs so sexy? Control or lack of control is a huge boost to libido

For people who have a daily life where they are constantly in control, juggling too many tasks and an overload of responsibilities, giving up control in the bedroom can be very exciting. It allows them to tap into their bodies sexually and let go without worrying about the pleasure of someone else's pleasure. The same is true for someone who is more passive in their everyday life. It's exciting to be the dominant one, to be the one in control, to make the decisions and orchestrate the whole session. Finally, we come to the 4 Kinky Sexual Positions.

The Kinky Missionary

How to do it: The receiver is lying on his back, hands above his head and handcuffed.

You can raise the temperature with a second pair of ankle cuffs if the bed has feet to pass the chain of cuffs or a length of rope. The dominant person is at the top, whispering perverse words.

Why this is so pleasant: Anyone who already loves the missionary position loves it because of the body contact and the intimacy of face-to-face contact. This keeps these elements very important and adds a touch of power play. Hands above the head and tied up expose the breasts and give more of a feeling of being taken and used as a sextoy. If someone likes bondage, immobility and rapture are usually part of their pleasure. The "top" provides the delicious feeling of power and the "bottom" is there to be taken, literally.

The Queening

How to do: In this position, the submissive partner is at the bottom. The Queening is also known as "face-sitting", so it is a position of oral sex in which the woman is given a nice lick while the man's wrists are tied above his head. She just has to be careful not to put her weight on his arms when she sits down to indulge herself. This position could also be changed to allow the woman to have sex on top, but with her wrists tied down.

Why this is so nice: One thing that readers of fifty shades of grey don't really understand is the brutal and sensual effect that a domina woman can have on her slave.

The "Queening" is a very good domina position, the upper person almost stoops over the lower one, but doesn't really make the contact . She tortures him until her partner begs her to taste her beautiful dildo vagina!

Hands behind the ankles

How to do: Lie down with your belly on the floor or on the bed. Bend your legs upwards and reach your hand backwards to catch your feet. Tie the handcuffs around your wrists so that they are behind your ankles.

Why it feels so good: This position allows you to bend so that you can easily access the pubic mound, lips and clitoris.

It opens the hip flexor muscles and flexes the buttocks for a fabulous and very exciting stretch that brings blood to the pelvis. It is an ideal position of submission, the dominant has total power over the situation and a thrilling overview.

Stand with your hands in the air!

How to do: Find a place, like a towel rack or a hook against the wall, where you can handcuff your partner's arms while standing. Once you have both hands tied above his head, tell him to hold still. Simply forcing his arms back with BDSM handcuffs is a sign that this is where he's going to stay for a while, especially when you say it in a stern voice.

It's perfectly acceptable to feel uncomfortable with certain words and gestures at first, but you have to deal with it. Sex is not supposed to be perfect, but it improves when you go beyond your sexual limits (to a certain point). With both hands held back, it's up to the dominant to start teasing and surprises. You are in control, so tie up his arms and blindfold him to play with different sensations. Try gently kissing your partner on the lips, then slowly descend, stopping to chew and tease her nipples. Engage in oral activity, but don't stop exploring, you'll come back to it anyway. Play with sensations : Warm oil from a massage candle, ice cubes or wet kisses will stimulate and excite your partner. If he's blindfolded, they won't know what sensation will come next, which will make it mysterious and all the more hot.

This bondage session ends when you say so or when your partner can't take it anymore because he wants to get caught without further delay.

Why it's so nice: It's nice for both of you because you give and receive on your own terms. Playing the scenario with BDSM handcuffs makes the roles even more pronounced and exciting.

As a bonus

We asked 13 women to share their experiences with handcuffs and BDSM (Names are pseudonyms)

1. "I could let my boyfriend jam my wrists with his hands, but that's about it. I don't want ropes tied around me. I don't want to be handcuffed. I don't even want a blindfold blocking my view. I'm vanilla and proud of it. If a guy doesn't like it, he can find another girl." - Christelle, 28 years old

2. "I have handcuffs for wrists, ankles, a collar, a whip, leashes. Anything you want and I love it. In real life, I'm pretty independent, the kind of person who doesn't let go, so it's good to let go and be vulnerable in bed." - Maggie, 23

3. "I hate being tied down. But I love tying down my boyfriend. He calls me a dominatrix to tease me because I've already told him about a strap-on dildo haha. We have a paddle and a whip. I think it's fun!" - Hannah, 27 years old

4. "I like to be free of my movements during sex, but I like to be tied up during fellatio. It's super exciting." - Mallory, 26

5. "My boyfriend tied me to a chair and gave me a lap dance once. I think it's the closest thing to bondage we've ever done. But I would do it again. Maybe I'll give him a lap dance next time." - Mary, 22

6. "We have a rope that we keep by the bed. We only use it for special occasions. Doing it less makes it more exciting. I think it would get boring if it was an everyday thing." - Tiffany, 27

7. "Honestly, the hardest thing we do is spanking. I can't really answer the question, because we've never used handcuffs or blindfolds or anything like that, but I keep begging my boyfriend to try it, because I think I'd be interested in it. I don't want to leave him and I don't want to cheat on him, so I hope he will eventually change his mind". - Janice, 21 years old

8. "I often watch BDSM porn during masturbation. But when I finally tried it with that guy I dated, I hated it. It was sexier on the screen. In real life, it was just embarrassing for me." - Destiny, 25

9. "I don't like 50 shades of grey bullshit. I'm sorry." - Andrea, 20

10. "I don't go any further than a feather duster on my skin or blindfolded. I like having my eyesight cut off so I can concentrate on fun and feelings. I always have a faster orgasm with a blindfold." - Alex, 21 years old

11. "I can't imagine my sex life without all these sm accessories. It would be so bland otherwise. You just have to find someone you can trust. Make up a safe word. And let's play!" - Veronica, 29

12. "I've never been in a long-term relationship and I'm too shy to ask for a one-night stand to try erotic games, so I stick to vanilla sex. Unfortunately." - Karen, 23

13. "I like to wear handcuffs, but only the comfortable ones, because the others get stuck in my wrists and it hurts if the sex lasts long. I don't find pain sexy. I'm not a masochist". - Allison, 24 years old


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