BDSM Accessories

Top 10 BDSM Accessories

If you are a novice in BDSM, the view of all the equipment options can be impressive. It is important to be ready before starting a session, but what are the essential toys you should have at your disposal?

The following 10 items should be in each BDSM toolbox Why? Because they allow great versatility in terms of intensity, style of play and investment,

Moreover, they will allow you to get through almost any type of session. And most importantly, they are perfect for beginners as well as experienced players, which means that they are tools you can use for years to come.


Sensorydeprivation is often a cornerstone of BDSM sessions. When one sense is suppressed, the others are amplified. Removing the ability to see, hear, smell, touch and taste becomes a thrilling and mysterious adventure. For some, eyes and masks and hoods also go hand in hand with objectification and dehumanization.

You have many options for covering your eyes. We offer a wide choice ranging from simple eye blindfolds to fancy latex or leather hoods. Items around your home such as a sleep mask or a large silk scarf tied around the eyes are less expensive and just as effective options.

My partner and I are fans of using leather masks that greatly limit vision without completely obscuring it. Not only does this provide comfort for those who don't like hoods, but it is also ideal for role-playing or humiliation games, depending on the type of mask you choose.


Another sense you can take away from your sub is its ability to talk. The gag ball fills the mouth, but depending on its size, this BDSM accessory can be difficult for people with jaw and mouth problems (although there are some very good beginner's gags available)

Some people find bar gags or small open-mouth o-ring gags a better option in this case. Of course, you can always use a scarf tied around the head and between the lips as a gag. Instead of a ball-like gag, fill your partner's mouth with your panties instead.

Bondage accessories

Another common sight in BDSM, sessions is tape is an inexpensive, easy to use, disposable BDSM accessory designed to stick only to itself. Handcuffs and wrist and/or ankle bracelets with Velcro or padlock closures, soft and basic, are also perfect fastening devices to start with.

If you are interested in rope play, pick up a cotton clothesline from a do-it-yourself store (as a general rule, avoid nylon and synthetic materials), it works just as well as shibariropes specially designed for bondage.

Bad quality BDSM zippers and handcuffs should be avoided as a beginner as they can tighten by themselves and pinch the wrists uncomfortably, which can cause nerve damage.

Wartenberg wheel

The Wartenberg wheel is a wonderful BDSM feel accessory that is a must for all sadistic tools. The wheels look like small pizza cutters, but they have small spikes at their ends.

To use a Wartenberg wheel, roll it firmly but gently on your slave's skin. If you exert a lot of pressure, it is possible to pierce the skin. Be sure to test it on yourself to find the right pressure before trying it on others.

It is a good idea to use it in combination with sensory deprivation and it is best to roll it on sensitive areas such as nipples, neck, inner thighs, etc.

Nipple clamps

The nipple clamps offer so many possibilities. They can be used on lips, testicles, tongues, breasts and other parts of the body.

Adjustable tweezers have the lightest grip, while Japanese cloverleaf tweezers are for those who can withstand a lot of pressure. One of the best things to use as pliers are simple wooden clothespins.

Dildo, Anal Plug and Vibrator

One of the most popular types of vibrator for BDSM is the "magic wand". A wireless version is perfect for attaching to someone's body with a rope or bondage tape. The vibrators can be used for pleasure or for a consensual game of forced orgasm.

Don't forget that they are not just for vulva and vagina; penises love vibrations too. It's also a good idea to have some non-vibrating objects to insert, such as an anal plug or a curved dildo that fits G-spots or prostates.


BDSMWhips are versatile BDSM accessories from jeuimpact that can be light or prickly depending on how you handle them. Hit the genitals and nipples very gently with the tip or hit a little harder and hit the back of the thighs and buttocks.

If your whip is long and sturdy enough, you may be able to use the center part as a cane.


Canes are available in a variety of materials including wood, acrylic and plastic. They can also be quite painful. They are not for the weak-minded. It does not take much force to inflict pain and leave marks on a person with a cane. The best places to strike with a cane are the buttocks and thighs. One can also hit the soles of the feet with a cane, which is called "bastinado"


Different types of flagellation produce different types of sensations. The whips BDSM (or floggers) with many wide and soft falls will be the least violent and will provide a sensation similar to a deep tissue massage.

Deerskin and suede will be the softest, followed by heavier leathers and imitation leather. For a tingling and -pain sensation, opt for whips with finer and stiffer falls. Whips made of rubber or nylon cords are particularly brutal


Paddles are one of my favorite BDSM accessories because they offer a wide range of sensations. They are made of wood, metal, plastic, leather, bamboo, faux leather and many other materials that each give different sensations

Some have soft padding on one side for a more sensual feeling. Wooden spoons, heavy spatulas and hairbrushes can be used as budget-friendly paddles. If you want something softer, slide a car wash glove over your paddle or directly onto your hand.

In addition to these 10 items, don't forget this little-known but fantastic accessory to experiment with new positions : The Sexual Swing

You can of course also consider a multitude of BDSM accessories, basic sexy clothing and underwear for intimate moments. Just like special fisting condoms, latex gloves or coveralls, lubricant, BDSM harnesses (leather with straps, vinyl lingerie etc...)

Don't forget that these are the elements that will form the basis of your perverse tool kit. Once you understand what types of games you and your sexual partners like, you can add more advanced BDSM accessories like a sex swing, a St. Andrew's cross, or more sophisticated impact instruments and restraint systems.

Finally, the most important thing to include in your arsenal is your imagination. The best sessions are not done solely with BDSM accessories.

Your creativity and willingness to explore are the essential elements you need to boost your libido and make your bondage sessions exciting and memorable.

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